Abstract: Patient Centered EMS: ALS, BLS, OMEGA… MEDIC: Charlotte NC | 29 June 2011

Health care has changed. The Charlotte area has roughly the same number of hospital beds as 30 years ago, yet meets patient needs for a region nearly four times the population. EMS continues to build ‘more’ ALS unit hours as the answer to ‘more’ calls.

What will we be discussing? 
More is not better – better is better – and the design of the system must reflect the patients needs. The aim here is to determine a better path in response to growing demand. Employee work teams in Charlotte led the service delivery redesign project to send level of service that best meets the patient’s needs.

Shari Lambeth, former paramedic and logistics manager at Medic, has taken on the new role of Project Manager. Joe Penner, Medic’s Executive Director will join in the presentation and both will respond to audience questions.

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