PCC Long Service Awards

The PCC Long Service Awards Program celebrates those Canadian EMS practitioners and leaders who have served the profession twenty years or more. We all know the pressures and stresses that a paramedic has to endure in today’s demanding system and because of that commitment they have achieved a rare milestone in their career that needs to be duly recognized.

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the individuals that have achieved 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service. This award must be nominated by an EMS chief who is a member in good standing with Paramedic Chiefs of Canada. The years of service need not be contiguous as long as the accumulated years match the recognition award.

This program is on a go forward basis in that PCC will recognize all individuals that are achieving one of the levels of service after implementation of the program. Special circumstances may dictate that some nominations may be exceptional and require a case by case review by the Membership Services Committee.

Each nomination will be received by the Membership Services Committee and awards will be sent to the chief of the service for distribution. In cases where the awards are given at a formal presentation, PCC will, upon request, make every effort to have a representative present. In areas where a PCC Annual Conference is being held, the long service awards, upon request, may be presented at the conference Gala.

Click here for the ‘Long Service Nomination Form’

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