Abstract: Canadian Responder Associations Unite to Move Forward on 700 MHz Broadband | 16 February 2011

In Canada, August 30, 2011 marks the transition from analog television to digital, freeing up spectrum for potential use by public safety.

Many private and public agencies are vying for the additional (and very valuable) spectrum, and Industry Canada (our nation’s spectrum regulator) recently opened consultations on the 700 MHz broadband allocations.

Canadian police, fire, medical and other emergency professionals must have access to modern and reliable communications capabilities, including high speed data and video, to communicate with each other across agencies and jurisdictions during emergencies and during day-to-day operations. Public safety’s voice must be heard. We need the right tools to protect and save lives.

Objectives of this session include:

  • Update on the work of the Tri-Services Special Purpose Committee struck to respond to the issue;
  • Call to action by the three chief’s associations;
  • Next steps and expectations.

Superintendent Bill Moore (Halifax Regional Police), Superintendent Pascal Rodier (British Columbia Ambulance Service), and Division Chief Mike Sullivan (Ottawa Fire Service).

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