Abstract: A Leader Behaviour Framework For Paramedic Systems | 29 March 2017

What Will We Be Discussing?

Effective leaders require competency in core skills. Unfortunately these competencies can be misinterpreted or poorly understood due to the abstract and subjective nature of leadership. The Paramedic Leaders of tomorrow must be able to lead people whose learning and formative experiences are different from those of the past. They must be able to lead a more diverse workforce, providing varied service delivery models, in new ways.

In this webinar, Dan Heyde will discuss his work in developing and quantifying a behavioural dictionary and how it supports the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada leadership competency framework. The creation of this Leader-Behaviour framework can translate competencies into observable, measureable and well understood behaviours. This tool can also provide clarity and validate what it means to be an effective leader within your organization.

The focus points for this webinar include:

  • Expanding on the Leadership Competencies of PCC
  • Application of the Leader-Behaviour framework to EMS operations
  • Anticipated benefits for EMS services across Canada
  • How you can contribute to the formation of comprehensive Leadership Competencies

Who will be Speaking?

Dan Heyde is one of the Managers of Operations for Alberta Health Services EMS in the Calgary Zone. Dan’s passion for EMS started at age 19 and has spanned almost 30 years. His involvement in EMS includes rural, urban, and metro frontline practice as well as a number of key leadership roles. These combined experiences inspired Dan to understand more about his leadership perceptions and practice, which lead him to completing his Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads. This learning has inspired Dan to share his knowledge on how we can improve the quality of EMS in Canada through developing and enhancing stronger relationships.

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