Abstract: Tucson Fire Department’s Alpha Program | 10 April 2010

The Tucson Fire Department had long recognized the inefficiency of their traditional fire-based EMS response model, and its failure to reach the root of systemic problems.

The Alpha Truck and Human Services Referral (HSRP) Programs were developed as an alternative means to address contemporary issues that affect a large percentage of the Department’s EMS call volume

Objectives of this session include:

  • Outline the background, scope, and architecture of the Alpha Truck alternative response program.
  • Review the history, demographics, structure, and results of the HSRP program.
  • Discuss the importance of this or similar approaches to EMS response configurations.

Dave Ridings is the Assistant Chief of EMS Administration for the Tucson Fire Department.
Norma Battaglia is the Pre-hospital Coordinator for Tucson Fire, working under the Department’s medical director, Dr. Terry Valenzuela.

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