Abstract: Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guards & E.V.E.N.T Reporting



What Will We Be Discussing?

Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guards

What does the ceremonial and memorial representation of Paramedics look like? What kinds of traditions and customs have found a place in EMS culture? Across Canada there are at least 26 commemorative units linked together by The Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guards. A group with a collective mission: To enhance the professional image of Paramedics by unifying the EMS Honour Guard Units in Canada.


E.V.E.N.T. collects data submitted anonymously by EMS practitioners. The data collected will be used to develop policies, procedures and training programs to improve the safe delivery of EMS. A similar system used by airline pilots has led to important airline system improvements based upon pilot reported “near miss” situations and errors.

Who Will Be Speaking?

Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guards Blaine Barody, EMT-P is the Administrator of The Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guards. He has been involved in the commemorative representation of EMS over the last 15 years in Alberta and has organized and/or chaired the National EMS Honour Guard Roundtable annually since 2007.

EVENT Doug Socha is the Director of Emergency Services for Hastings County and Chief of Hastings-Quinte EMS since its inception in 2003. Doug is very active in the promotion of paramedic driven research and recently established the Ontario Paramedic Research Consortium, and currently is the Chair of this Provincial committee. He has been working with the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada and other partners in a joint effort to help establish a National research framework.

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