Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

National Mentoring Program/Programme de mentorat


We are recruiting!

  • Wise and experienced senior leaders
  • Up and coming paramedic and allied services leaders

Education can prepare you academically with theoretical knowledge of leadership and work experience at junior levels in an organization can provide some level of insight into life as a senior leader.

Yet, when you are promoted up the ranks in paramedic services, there is still a significant gap in knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The Paramedic Chiefs of Canada are bridging this gap with the National Mentoring Program. The PCC is connecting the new generation of leaders to experienced, respected leaders to promote sharing knowledge, values and experience. This free program is now accepting applications.

For more information or to apply:
The National Mentoring Program has a simple intake process that begins with your email to: mentor[at]paramedicchiefs[dot]ca



  • This program provides a structure for linking up-and-coming leaders in paramedic and allied services with established leaders in those services for the purposes of sharing knowledge, values and experience.
  • Organizations and individuals now have the opportunity to tap into experiences and insights of senior leaders from other organizations in order to provide nurturing, support and leadership opportunities for developing leaders.
  • The National Mentoring Program is a free initiative brought to you by the Leadership Development Committee Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.


What you will gain through participation in the program…

What you can learn as a Mentor or Mentee…

The Mentoring Program provides training in the form of teleconferences, direct support and/or documentation for the following subjects:
Program rules;

  • Mentors’ and mentees’ goals and expectations for the mentor/mentee relationship;
  • Mentors’ and mentees’ obligations and appropriate roles;
  • Relationship development and maintenance;
  • Ethical issues that may arise related to the mentoring relationship;
  • Effective closure of the mentoring relationship; and
  • Sources of assistance available to support mentors or mentees.


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