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As a member of the PCC, you will receive the following benefits;

Member Services

  1. National Discussion Groups that allow PCC members to share information via teleconference on an issue or topic of current interest.
  2. Comprehensive EMS Cross-Service Survey that will allow members to compare their service and delivery model with other services.
  3. National Major Event Alert Group to provide the necessary infrastructure that could quickly bring together tier 1 members by teleconference to share intelligence when a major event occurs that would effect, stress, or compromise the integrity of emergency medical services.
  4. Leadership and management development workshops.
  5. Online archive of EMS literature, case studies, policies and more.
  6. Website – Special access to the For Our Members section of the website, which contains information on EMS best practices, support for EMS leadership development, networking and other services.
  7. Annual Conference – Special member rates to attend the annual conference, as well as access to speaker information and presentations posted on the website.
  8. Early Notice – about upcoming events, such as professional development workshops and special events.
  9. Subscription to our LISTSERV – a platform for our members to immediately share information, post question to other EMS leaders and communicate on a timely basis with  PCC members across the country.


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